The Garage Fix Repairing & Replacing 5 Reasons You Should Never Hire an Unlicensed Garage Door Repairman

5 Reasons You Should Never Hire an Unlicensed Garage Door Repairman


Garage doors are expensive. They use powerful springs, cables and can weigh up to 300 pounds. Before hiring a company for repairs or maintenance, homeowners should check that they are licensed, insured, and bonded according to the requirements of their state.


1) He doesn’t have the training he needs to do the job safely

Without proper training, technicians are likely to make poor repairs that could put homeowners at risk. Unlicensed technicians are also less likely to use original parts, according to the Contractor Connection website, which means they might not perform repairs correctly or provide adequate customer service.

2) He doesn’t have insurance in case of an accident

If you hire a company with an uninsured technician, you could face a costly repair bill if an accident occurs. In addition, you might end up paying higher insurance premiums for your own garage door repair Hampton VA because of the claim from the accident.

3) He doesn’t have a professional business name

In many states, using a professional business name requires licensing. Your state’s Construction Licensing Board website allows you to check whether a company is properly licensed and insured before hiring it for a job.

4) He may not be available in case of an emergency

When hiring someone to come to your home or business, make sure they will be able to arrive within 30 minutes in case of an emergency, such as when parts need immediate replacement or when access becomes blocked due to malfunctioning springs. Hiring an unlicensed technician could mean you have to wait longer for service and might end up paying more for a rushed repair.

5) He might not have the right tools or equipment

An unlicensed technician is likely to show up at your home with few if any, tools. This could mean a longer wait time while he goes out to purchase the necessary tools and equipment. It could also mean that he’s not able to fix the problem properly, which means another visit – and another fee.

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